Making our own Big Creek Banana Boat sandwich (Emily)

It had to happen sooner or later. What, you ask? An attempt at making the delicious Big Creek Banana Boat sandwich that I gushed over here


So, last week, Lisa came over my house and that’s exactly what we did. Check out our pre-cooking display of ingredients.


You’ll see that these are obviously not “clean” or “real food” items. Sorry. It was a weeknight and I just couldn’t bring myself to drive 15 minutes to the market when I’ve got a grocery store 5 minutes away.


From there we basically used the recipe card of my memory and some educated guessing.


We started out by popping some bacon in the oven to bake.


While my kitchen filled with the delicious smells of bacon, we began cutting the baguette into thirds and then slicing the chunks of bread like a Subway sandwich, sliced open but not completely separated (butterflied, if you will?). We then buttered them generously and popped them in the broiler to toast a little so we’d have some crunch. I realize now that this was probably an unnecessary step and they’d probably adequate crunchiness when we put them in the oven for the official cooking of the sandwich.


While the baguette pieces were getting all buttery delicious, Lisa cooked some shrimp in butter on the stove top.


Once the shrimp were done, we began assembling. First, little round slices of banana, then shrimp, then pieces of broken up bacon wherever we could fit it, and lastly, shaved pieces of white cheddar (this WAS organic, boo yah!) covering everything.


 We popped those suckers in the oven at 350 or so until the cheese appeared adequately melty.

And then we feasted.




SO. GOOD. Not EXACTLY the same level of amazingness that can be found at the Maya Beach Hotel Bistro, but pretty darn close! The real test was my husband. He LOVED the Big Creek Banana Boat when we had it on our honeymoon and that was a big deal because he doesn’t eat bananas and there’s definitely a banana flavor to this sandwich.


Well he loved our version too! Score!


Since our cooking extravaganza I’ve had the brilliant idea that this would be amazing served at a party bruschetta style on little pieces of baguettes. Now I’m going to have to have a party…