Prep for tomorrow (Emily)

I love packing my breakfast and lunch when I’ve just gone grocery shopping 🙂


1 Sweet Potato Biscuit (that I’ll probably top with the all natural peanut butter and jam I keep at work)

Mixed grapes and blueberries

1 hardboiled egg (not pictured because it’s still being hardboiled)


1 whole grain pretzel from Trader Joe’s

Some squares of raw milk organic white cheddar cheese



Organic baby spinach topped with feta, cucumber, and carrots (the little baggy to the side is chopped tomato that I wanted to separate from the salad so it won’t get soggy)

Some whole grain pasta because I’m random like that

Not pictured: cooked and seasoned chicken breast strips that I made and kept in the fridge at work. They will go on the salad.

In the container with the red top is a dressing I whipped up with red wine vinegar, olive oil, and Italian seasoning.


Woo hoo!! I’m ready to conquer Monday!! 


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