Dining at the Maya Beach Hotel – Small Plates and Appetizers

If you’re just joining us, I’m on my 3rd post of a five-part series of posts detailing the delicious meals my husband and I ate at the Maya Beach Hotel in Placencia, Belize.

And now…Small Plates and Appetizers

Most Likely To Make Me Do A Double Take At The Menu Name

Winner: Shrimp French Toast


Yes, that’s right. Delicious little shellfish and a cozy breakfast favorite. Cooked to perfection and doused in Worcestershire sauce, among other things. Simple. Brilliant. You wish you thought of it.

Most Likely To Make Me Stare In Awe At The Chef’s Brilliance

Winner: Chips and Salsa


Yep. Simple, no fuss chips and salsa. What was so amazing you might ask? The Salsa? Why yes, that was spectacularly fresh-tasting and delicious but no, not that. The corn chips? Why yes, those were homemade and salted perfectly, but no, not those either.

Wait…what are those long thin things?

Oh…well…those would be plantains. Sliced thin and baked into chip-py crispness. OH MY GOSH. Brilliant idea. My husband, Mr. Most-Of-The-Time-Picky-Eater was amazed. He probably never thought he’d ever put a plantain in his mouth, and there he was, loving every bit of them.

Most Likely To Make Me Search High And Low For A Recipe To Try At Home

Winner: Roasted Pumpkin and Green Chili Soup


I had no idea that I’d like this. And again, Picky Hubby took more than one spoonful from my bowl. It was that amazing. I could literally eat this every day. And yes, yes I did start Googling for a recipe before I was even out of the country. This one looks so simple and I can’t wait to try it out and of course I’ll let you know how it goes!

It’s Dinnertime tomorrow!


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