Dining at the Maya Beach Hotel – Lunch

In case you missed my post yesterday (was it yesterday?) I’m doing  a series of posts about the amazing food my husband and I ate on our belated honeymoon to Belize.  

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about lunch shall we?

Most Interesting Pizza

Winner: Shrimp and Goat Cheese with a Tomato Chutney

Do I even need to comment on this? AMAZING! Unique! It was my first meal at the Bistro and it was the perfect choice!


Most Likely To Make Me Unable To Order This At Any Other Restaurant From Now On

Winner: Fish Tacos


Delicious little tortillas with spicy grilled fish served with rice, black beans, and a delicious mango salsa.  I started shoveling it in my mouth before I took the picture.

Fish tacos will never taste the same again.

Best Sandwich And Salad Combo

Winner: Spicy Chicken Sandwich with a Caesar Salad


This chicken sandwich was so flavorful and filling, tossed in an amazing aioli sauce with a serious kick, and the Caesar salad was amazing (we actually ate a lot of Caesar salads there). Their homemade Caesar dressing is light and refreshing.

Most Crazy Unique Never-Woulda-Thought-Of-It Combination Of Flavors

A.K.A The Meal That Blew Us Away

Winner: Big Creek Banana Boat


Oh who am I kidding? It needs two pictures. 


Question: Which of these things doesn’t belong?

Shrimp. Bacon. Banana. Cheddar.

You said banana didn’t you?

Wrong. That was a trick question. They all belong. 


On a lavishly buttered and toasted baguette. Sandwich Style.

When my husband and I first tried the Big Creek Banana Boat, we split it during a late lunch. Later in the week each of us had it for lunch ourselves. It was THAT GOOD. You wouldn’t think it, and we definitely went out on a limb ordering it (I’m sorry…banana? With my shrimp?????) 

Most amazing sandwich I’ve every had and something we’re definitely going to try to make at home. 

It appeared to be relatively simple:

A chunk of baguette sliced lengthwise, buttered generously and toasted. A layer of sliced banana, cooked shrimp, cooked bacon, and delicious melted cheddar cheese.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Tune in tomorrow for Small Plates and Appetizers!


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