Tuesday Follow Up – Lisa

Today was pretty busy, I haven’t had a chance to look up any new recipes for oatmeal, but I promise I will post some this week!

The overnight oatmeal was decent.  I’m a fan of sweet oatmeal.  I wish I had a little bit of sugar or fruit to go in it.  I completely forgot about cinnamon!  How could I forget about cinnamon?  I’m going to try that tomorrow.  I think it will go really well with the vanilla flavor.

Here is a picture of my breakfast this morning:


I try to drink a big glass of tea in the morning.  Today it was English Breakfast.  I added a little bit of unsweetened vanilla almond milk to the oatmeal.  I think it helped.

Then for lunch I had the black beans and quinoa:Image 

This is DELICIOUS!!  I think I like it better with the quinoa than I do the rice.  I didn’t add a full 1 1/2 cups of water to the pot because of all the other liquid from the cans of beans and stewed tomatoes.  It turned out perfectly fluffy.


Here’s a close up of the quinoa.  My camera was giving me so many problems with trying to focus.  I really need to get a DSLR sometime soon.  I think it’s funny how rice is so dense and think but quinoa is so delicate.  It’s light and dainty but it fills you up quickly.  I was wolfing this down at lunch but couldn’t finish it all because I got full really fast.

The worst thing about oatmeal is that it doesn’t fill you up for that long.  I tried to add more fiber rich food to it, but like clockwork, nearly 3 hours later I was hungry again.  The only thing that keeps me satisfied all morning long is a breakfast sandwich. 

I need to experiment more with snacks in the morning.  It’s difficult because of my work schedule.  I get to work at 7.  There is a staff meeting around 9:30 every morning, then I’m usually so hungry I do some work for a bit then go to lunch at 11.  Or grab a handful of nuts, suck it up for an hour to work out and then eat.  It’s not very efficient.  Any suggestions are welcome.

I promise!  Sometime this week I’ll find some recipes for oatmeal.  Maybe I’ll try out the egg with oatmeal.  It could be mind-blowing.


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