Food Prep – Lisa

I haven’t been home since Thursday morning.  I spent the weekend at my boyfriend’s.  Being home for the first time in 4 days always makes me want to cook.  So I decided to make my breakfast and lunch for part of the week. 

I decided to make the black beans and rice from the other week, except I’m using quinoa instead of rice.  I’ve had a box in the cupboard for forever (thankfully it lasts a long time) and thought that this would be the easiest thing to make with it at the last minute.  I have made stir fry with it before, but I wish I had this prep recipe then.

I also made overnight oatmeal.  Super easy, just throw everything in the crockpot, set on low and wake up to breakfast.  You have to use steel cut oats.  Steel cut oats are the best anyway, they keep you fuller longer.  Use rolled oats for baking or granola.  And since I can’t have any fruit until next week, I added almond meal, ground flax seed, and vanilla extract to it.  A little bit of protein, a bit of iron, and some flavor.

I think I saw some recipes with an egg on top of oatmeal too.  I’ll have to look those up to share.  I’m still not sure how I feel about that.

Anyway, everything is cooking.  I’ll let you know how it tastes in the mañana!


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  1. I absolutely love overnight oatmeal. I make a an apple cinnamon version with chia & flax seed frequently. I have it every other day & add fruits, yogurt, nutella, etc to vary the recipe somewhat and keep my breakfast interesting.

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