End of Week 4 – Lisa

Today is the end of week 4 of the No Sugar Challenge.  Sarah Wilson’s ebook has made it easy to follow this challenge.  I have slipped up a few times, so far this week I’ve had the willpower to say no to sweets.  I did have pizza, but I’m not counting that as too bad.  Especially since I really wanted an iced latte from Starbucks yesterday.  I was very very close to getting it, but I’m glad I didn’t.

Since I’ve been feeling so good with this challenge, I’ve thought about extending the absolutely no sugar weeks for one more week.  So instead of 3 it will be 4.  I can’t wait to incorporate fruit back into my diet though.  But I have one more week to think about it.

I have been having headaches, especially at work.  I think it’s because I’m not eating as much as I’m used to.  I don’t sit at my desk all day.  Before I relied a lot on being able to snack when I was hungry.  This is the first time since high school where I’ve gone hungry through part of the day.  I keep almonds and Kashi whole wheat crackers on hand when the hunger becomes unbearable.  But I know I need to really start meal planning and make a lunch that will get me through the day.

Overall, things are going great.  I’ve been running after work a few days a week for a while and I’ve gotten better at it.  Running outside is still a huge challenge because of asthma, but I’ve figured out that running intervals keeps everything in check.  I don’t normally need an inhaler, so my asthma isn’t a big deal, but it’s still scary to feel my chest tighten.

It’s been too cold this weekend to really swim, so I decided to do the Bikini Blaster Series by Blogilates.  Cassey Ho is so adorable.  She’s my hero.  I don’t understand how she musters up so much energy all the time in her videos.  Here is a link to her Bikini Blaster playlist.


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