Emily’s Week

I’ve been having a weird week, both with food and exercise.

For whatever reason, I haven’t had much of an appetite. Pretty much every day this week I’ve had the same thing for breakfast and lunch:

Breakfast: organic oatmeal with pure maple syrup and some watermelon (yay summer!)

Lunch: Triscuits (only like 2 ingredients for all of you clean eaters out there), white cheddar cheese cubes, and a handful of grapes (the big ones with seeds).

That’s it. No snacks or anything. My dinner throughout the week has been varied. On Monday my husband made chicken breasts stuffed with provolone and broccoli with mashed potatoes that also had broccoli in it (I don’t know where he found that mashed potato recipe but broccoli in mashed potatoes is pure genius).

Tuesday’s dinner was courtesy of my husband once again (I swear I know how to cook). Delicious cheeseburger soup from his Betty Crocker cookbook. He modifies the recipe so that it’s clean but not many modifications are required and of course the ground beef he uses comes from Chesapeake’s Bounty so we know it’s not full of pink slime!

Wednesday we just had leftovers and yesterday I wasn’t even hungry until 7:00 and I just made myself a grilled cheese. I consider myself a pretty big grilled cheese enthusiast and usually I like to experiment with fun combinations but I wasn’t up for that last night so I just had 2 pieces of whole grain bread, with olive oil spread on one side of each and then a mixture of Italian herbs spread on the olive oil. My cheese of choice last night was mozzarella.

My typical workout schedule involves 2-3.1 miles of running on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and then various workouts at the gym that focus on different parts of the body.  HOWEVER…I did the Warrior Dash on Saturday, and my precious Brooks Ghost 3’s were sacrificed to the charity shoe pile. Never in my life have I wanted to go for a run so bad when I can’t (those were the only pair of shoes I have).

Happily though, I will be going to Charm City Run in Annapolis today with my Mom to get new running shoes! Yay! That always gets me pumped up to run, and I need to be pumped if I’m going to be doing this 10k at the end of the summer!


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