Strength/Cardio Workout – Lisa

So, I promised to upload my workout from yesterday.   I got this one from a trainer at the gym.  For me, it’s pretty difficult.  My arms are killing me this morning.

Warm-UP Complete some form of aerobic movement prior to exercise, i.e. treadmill, archtrainer, etc.
A1 Inverted Row n/a 4 x 8 Use smith machine, pull body towards bar, underhanded, adjust height for different difficulty levels.
A2 Scaption Raise Blue RB or 5 lbs 3 x 10 Lift using weights or resistance band forming V with arms
B1 Push-up n/a 3 x 10 Use smith machine, lower mid-chest down to bar and return to start.  Engage glutes to keep body lined up
B2 Front Squat 18+ lbs bodybar 3 x 12 Focus on form, bend at hips and use bench to ensure full range of motion.  Hold body bar under chin hands on your shoulders
B3 Ankle Mobility n/a 3 x 8/side
C1 Side Plank Abduction n/a 2 x 8/side Get into side plank, drive hips forward to ensure optimal alignment, lift top leg and keep controlled
C2 Single-leg Bridge n/a 2 x 10/side Pull one knee tight to chest.  Lift hips off ground using glutes only.
D1 Kneeling Heel to Butt Stretch n/a 2 x :20/side Same as hip flexor mob, just hold
D2 Lat Stretch n/a 2 x :20/side Grab onto object and let self fall backwards feeling slight pull in back

In case you’re wondering, this is what a Smith Machine looks like:
Smith Machine

This doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you’re lifting your own body weight you get tired pretty quick.  At least, I get tired pretty quick.

You should do this workout two or three times through.  I workout on my lunch break mostly, so I only have enough time to go through it twice.  I’m pretty slow when I workout.

Don’t forget to stretch before!  I’m notorious for just jumping into things without a good stretch.  If anyone knows any good hamstring stretches please let me know!


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