Emily’s Bold Move

I need to be accountable to someone. It’s just how it works with me. I plan on running a 10k in August, but if it was left up to me…I’d show up completely unprepared. Luckily I have a great running coach and she is literally what keeps me going. Knowing how proud she is of me when I e-mail her and tell her of my next great running accomplishment always makes me feel great. And when I skip a day running because I “don’t feel like it” or I stop short of my goal, I always feel guilty because I feel like I’m letting her down.

I started a food journal a couple of weeks ago to try and see if there’s a relationship between what I’m eating/drinking and the migraines I get. For some people, red wine, aged cheese, beer, and caffeine are major triggers. I’m starting to think that beer might be a big one for me. Anyway, another reason for starting the food journal was simply because it’s a good idea. Whenever you’re starting out on some knew eating healthy venture, it’s always good to see where you stand first. 

Now, I stopped the No Sugar Challenge because it wasn’t making me feel well, but as I’ve said before, I eat pretty well in general. My problem of course is that sweet tooth. And I’ve found out, since starting the food journal, that I have no problem lying to myself. It’s oh sooo easy to say “Why no, Emily. No you did not just eat your sixth chocolate chip cookie…” (That’s a true story from Tuesday. Some mystery coworker brought in homemade chocolate chip cookies aka My Kryptonite. That and ice cream. The receptionist and I ate them all). Granted, I was in total Beast Mode at the gym later that afternoon, but still…

Not okay.

SOOOO…food journaling in my little notebook isn’t going so well. As in I’m not being truly honest and therefore not really learning anything about myself. Other than I’m a liar. 

I need to be accountable to someone. Well, good thing we happen to have this blog. I’ve decided to use this blog as my food journal. I do solemnly swear to post after dinner every night, an account of what I ate/drank the entire day.  Just knowing that at any moment Lisa could send the link to this blog to everyone I know will be enough to keep me in check I think. 

And that’s exactly what I need.


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