Lisa’s Motivation

After college, my body basically went into shock at the lifestyle change.  I was used to walking a couple miles a day to get to class, 2 hours at the gym, waking up late and only being a little bit hungry, having a light lunch, a snack, a good dinner and getting the rest of my calories on ice cream or beer.  For the past 2 years, being at work at 7am everyday has been hellish.  Why do people do this to themselves?  8 hours a day at work is too long.  Of course, I now work 10 hour days so I can get that extra day a week off.  Is it worth it?  Ask my beach tan. J

I have a number of excuses as to why I let myself slip up.  They all really boil down to:  I’m lazy.  I’ll be the first one to tell you.  It’s the worst thing to be lazy about yourself.  And it really bothers me.  It bothers me most when I’m sitting at my desk and all I want to do is go workout or grocery shopping to make these awesome clean recipes (we’ll share a bunch, I promise!) but I can’t because I’m at work and they frown upon people just getting up and leaving to go do personal things.

So, my reason for taking the No Sugar Challenge is simple:  I want to lose weight.  Now, I do believe that I eat way to much sugar.  A lot of it I don’t even know I’m eating.  I’m excited to make meals completely from scratch, like bread or marinara.  I have been struggling to lose weight for a while now and my biggest hindrance is myself.  But I’m hoping that this blog will keep me motivated.  It’s helpful to have someone other than yourself to answer to, so I’m asking you, reader, to keep me motivated.  And I hope that I can motivate you as well.

For 8 weeks I’m eating no sugar, meaning glucose, fructose, sucrose, lactose, etc.  That means no fruit.  At week 6 I can reincorporate it into my diet, but in small portions.  The way I see this lifestyle change is I’m going to have to choose my sugar every day.  If I want fruit one day, that’ll be it.  If I want cake one day, that’ll be it.  It’s going to be hard.  It’s already been hard.  Emily’s been pinning cake recipes and it’s only been ONE day!

I’m hoping I’ll feel healthier after this challenge.  I do have an addiction to sugar, I crave it all the time.  I’d like to crave something else for a change.  And while Emily and I are on this journey we’ll share our recipes and meal plans with you.  We’re determined to show you that you can lose weight and get healthy with so many other things on your plate.  Diet and fitness blogs aren’t just for dieticians and trainers!


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