Day 1 – Lisa

Monday, May 7th was day 1 of the No Sugar Challenge.  Sorry we’re a little bit behind on the blog.

I wanted to share my meals for that day but I would like to remind everyone that Emily and I are not dieticians or trainers and we are absolutely not telling you that you should eat like us because while we are trying to eat healthy sometimes we do not make the best decisions.  Or sometimes our schedules don’t allow us to eat at every meal.

That being said, currently I am eating 3 times a day.  I would like to pick it up to 5-6 times, but my work schedule doesn’t always allow for me to stop and have a snack in the middle of the morning or afternoon.

Day 1

Breakfast -2 scrambled eggs and a banana, black tea after

Lunch – Romaine lettuce salad with carrots and broccoli with sweet vidalia onion dressing

Snack – Almonds

Dinner – 1/2 portions of: Chicken, cauliflower and stuffing then steak and potatoes (I ate at my sister’s first and then at my house)

Exercise – None 😦

If you are curious about the No Sugar Challenge or you would like to try it, see Sarah Wilson’s blog.  She breaks down her 8 week program in her ebook that you can buy for $15.


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